This week is Cerebral Palsy Awareness week here at Jefferson
Middle School. We have students here at Jefferson that were born
with Cerebral Palsy, as well as many other people around the world,
and we are here to celebrate them and the amazing strides they
have made in their everyday life.

More than half of the children that are born with Cerebral Palsy have
one side of their body paralyzed and at least one in three
children born with Cerebral Palsy cannot walk.

Please wear the color green tomorrow and bring your spare change
to donate to this amazing cause. There will also be a Photo Booth in
the multipurpose room tomorrow during your lunch periods set up by
our FLS team.

Attention all Teachers & Students: Today is Lead4life
Thursday! Students who are in Lead4life will report at
the following times: 7th grade Lead4life students meet 3rd
hour in the Cafeteria, 8th grade Lead4life students meet
during 5th hour in the library, and 6th grade Lead4life
students meets during 9th hour in the cafeteria. Special
thanks to our teachers & Go Lead4life!

There will be no art club this week, but there will be art
club next week.

School Picture Day is scheduled for Monday, October